HMT Computers have activated Digital Media Signage in Union bank of India Branch in Amritsar, Punjab.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a sub-segment of signage. Digital signs use technologies such as Projection, LCD, and LED to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They can be found in corporate buildings, museums, libraries, gymnasia, local stores, resorts, restaurants, and transportation systems, etc, to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and unrestricted advertising.

Why bank needs digital signage?

Digital signage makes it easier for banks to tell their story and communicate their proposal simply and engagingly. Screens placed within the corporation allow the company to distribute content, offers, and advertisements, segmenting the communication by regions and time zones. The content shown here does not necessarily have to be limited to purely institutional information, but by integrating with external financial systems, relevant information for customers can be displayed in real-time. This way the message becomes interesting for the public that frequents that branch.