We provide sales, installation, and ongoing service of CCTV System in 95 Branches of Punjab&Sindh Bank in Amritsar, Punjab.

For good reason, banks are generally seen as the most secure institutions on the earth. We trust them with our money and it’s their job to keep it safe. In order to fulfill this responsibility, top-notch bank video surveillance systems are a necessity. With banks evolving and offering more and more services to their customers, the safety challenges also are changing. With new innovations in digital technology and IP surveillance, many banks are looking to increase the efficiency of their security systems. The necessity to be constantly conscious of who is in their building and monitor all activities – from the most lobby and banking counters to the vault itself. And bringing all of this information together becomes more important too – not with great care that operations staff can access it when needed, but also because it provides valuable support for business decisions. That’s when surveillance starts to feature tons more value – helping them to serve their customers and improve the experience they need when using the bank.