Open Source vs Closed Source
I’m sure a friend or at least a weird roommate has told you about it at some point or another. we’ll start by describing the opposite of open source software proprietary or closed source. This stuff follows the centuries-old monetization model of gather or make something that people want and then sell it to them at a given price. Through the use of mandatory licensing agreements that you implicitly sign when you run it, proprietary software avoids selling you a
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desktop vs server
Okay so – there are desktop computers and then there’s like server computers but how different are they exactly. Well, any computer has the same basic components processor, working memory, storage, etc and you may be surprised to hear that fundamentally they’re not that different with some of those components even coming off the same assembly line. But that doesn’t mean that you can just grab off the shelf desktop components in like fashion yourself a server. I mean sure
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32-bit and 64-bit
A quick search on our hype evaluation machine also known as google reveals just shy of   64,70,000   hits about 64-bit vs 32-bit processors. Some of this hype was started by the pc crowd back when AMD launched its first desktop pc 64bit CPU back in 2003. But since last fall’s launch of the iPhone 5s the first smartphone with a 64-bit CPU it’s become a hot topic again. But what does it mean for average Joe? Let’s start with what
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Pre Built PC vs Custom PC
Yes, the age-old question of whether to build your pc or buy a prebuilt. And I am answering it once and for all and here it is. Some of you actually might not really like this but well anyway I feel the answer is to do whatever you want. There’s no absolute right way to buy a pc. Pre Built PC Let’s start by taking an objective look at some of the advantages to pre-built tier1 pcs. 1. Number one
SSD or a Hard
Honestly, it’s sort of like asking which is better a motorcycle or a semi-truck. All right so you might be sitting there going that’s a weird thing to say guinea pig, why would you say something like that. And the answer is because they’re not that comparable, they’re just different. 1. Performance Let’s start with performance, when it comes to raw speed SSDs are faster. I see many folks comparing the sequential speed of an SSD to the sequential speed
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