Static vs Dynamic

There are many ways to create a website, but they all come down to two fundamental types – Static and Dynamic websites. Let have a look at the differences between them, and decide which one is best for your business

Static vs Dynamic

What is a static website?

In simplest terms, static website pages are those with content that cannot change without a developer editing its source code, it’s generally used for sites where content doesn’t often change. In Static Websites, Web pages are returned by the server which are prebuilt source code files built using simple languages such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Static does not mean that it will not respond to user actions, These Websites are called static because these cannot be manipulated on the server or interaction with databases.

Nothing is stored but the actual pages of a static site. There are:

  • No users

  • No comments

  • No blog posts

  • No interactivity

A static website is delivered to a user exactly the way it’s stored

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites can change the web page contents dynamically while the page is running on the client’s browser. This kind of website uses server-side programming like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc to modify page contents at the run time. Actually, to prepare this dynamic type design and importantly server-side code (for handle event) Dynamic websites are used, it also manages sessions and cookies and storing and retrieving data from the database.

Dynamic site examples include:

  • E-commerce sites

  • Blogs

  • Calendars, or to-do sites

  • Any site with information that must be updated regularly

Which Should You Choose?

Deciding which type of site you should use depends on what its purpose is, and what resources are available to you. For lots of benefits and effective performance many people actually prefer dynamic websites. Dynamic websites reduce ongoing maintenance costs, make data management very efficient, and enable the addition of any future add-ons such as data feeds or a comprehensive site search. They also make it impossible to destroy the layout, as might happen if you edit it from a web page editor.

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The difference between dynamic and static website?

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