HMT Computers Installed Hikvision Hybrid CCTV Surveillance System In Housing Society Amritsar.

A hybrid CCTV Surveillance System means that you can record both analog cameras and IP cameras to the same Digital Video Recorder(DVR). The main component of a hybrid camera system that makes this all feasible is the hybrid DVR – a DVR that will manage and record both analog and IP security cameras.

Benefits Of Using a Hybrid CCTV System

Hybrid CCTV surveillance systems give you the best of both technologies(Analog and IP). It is advantageous to have a hybrid DVR for many reasons, the most significant of which is, You can save money by using analog cameras in the less vulnerable areas of your premises. And, you can use high-resolution IP cameras in your most important areas such as entrances and cash registers for more detailed monitoring with clear digital zoom-in capabilities.