How Do Online Copyright and Fair Use Work?

How Do Online Copyright and Fair Use Work?

When the world’s first copyright law was passed in 1710, I can’t even imagine that the British Parliament would have ever envisioned people flinging pirated copies of movies all over the Internet whatever that would have seemed like thousands of times every day. Yet that’s exactly what eventually happened and seeing as many of our copyright laws were meant for the pre cyberspace era the way the copyright works online is often quite messy. Although this post is based around

NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire

AMD Crossfire vs NVIDIA SLI : which is better?

Truthfully it’s not that simple anyway there are some critical differences between SLI and crossfire. That I believe demonstrate a fundamental difference in philosophy between AMD and NVIDIA. But first the basics, both technologies are pretty much a way to utilize more than one graphics card working in tandem in your pc to achieve on the next-gen class performance that wouldn’t otherwise be available with the current technology, due to power, thermal or other limitations. They both work with anywhere

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging : How It Works and The Pros and Cons

Now it’s no great secret that I hate the cables and fragile connectors that modern electronic devices used for battery recharging. But we’re just stuck with cable clutter right. Thanks to modern technology and by modern I mean demonstrated about a century ago by Nikola Tesla but now finally becoming a commercial product. Wireless power is here and we are very close to saying goodbye to cables forever. But How does it work? I could just say magnets and leave

Open Source vs Closed Source

The merits of Open Source vs Closed Source Software

I’m sure a friend or at least a weird roommate has told you about it at some point or another. we’ll start by describing the opposite of open source software proprietary or closed source. This stuff follows the centuries-old monetization model of gather or make something that people want and then sell it to them at a given price. Through the use of mandatory licensing agreements that you implicitly sign when you run it, proprietary software avoids selling you a

desktop vs server

Server VS Desktop Computer

Okay so – there are desktop computers and then there’s like server computers but how different are they exactly. Well, any computer has the same basic components processor, working memory, storage, etc and you may be surprised to hear that fundamentally they’re not that different with some of those components even coming off the same assembly line. But that doesn’t mean that you can just grab off the shelf desktop components in like fashion yourself a server. I mean sure